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Silicone Masterbatch

Silicone masterbatches are pelletized ultra high molecular siloxane based performance enhancing additives. The micro pellets helps in improved dispersion into powder matrix.These materials consist of 25-50 % of siloxane dispersed in a thermoplastic matrix. It can be used as a processing aid for improved throughput, mould release and orgnic and inorganic filler dispersion, and to reduce extruder torque / pressure reduction.

It is used to reduce coefficient of friction. To enhance scratch and mar resistance .To improve processing of highly filled compounds. To improve wear resistance and surface feel. To provide consistent properties at different range of temperatures. To improve tactile properties of synthetic fibres.

Silicones based thermoplastic elastomers that provide an excellent balance between the benefits of silicone with those of thermoplastic elastomers.

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