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Welcome To Ponnore Enterprises

Ponnore enterprises llp is an established plastic raw material supplier with its head office in Chennai and branches in Kerala, and A.P. Ponnore enterprises llp has been supplying Thermoplastic Elastomers -TPE,TPR compound,TPO compound ,Silicone and Tpv. It sources materials from India and abroad. We have provided solutions and helped companies to replace, innovate and improvise their existing products.

TPV Definition
TPV stands for Thermoplastic Valcanizate. This type of materials may also be referred to as a Elastomeric Alloy Thermoplastic Valcanizate. There are two phase systems, which cross linked between rubber and plastics which is usually polyolefin family.
Considerable improvement in properties result, compare to rubber modified polypropylene,if cross linking is introduced in to the rubber particle by dynamic Vulcanization.
If there is enough thermoplastic materials present, they compound can easily processed by Thermoplastics Technics.

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